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102 Franz Iffland: Sculpture of a Blacksmith.

On the plinth artist's signature " F. Iffland" and founder's stamp: "BILDGIESSEREI KRAAS BERLIN S 42".

Franz Iffland (* 3 December 1862 in Tempelhof † 13 April 1935 in Berlin was a German sculptor and painter.

Iffland created portrait busts and bronze figures with predominantly mythological or genre content. He participated in the exhibitions of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1886, 1887, 1888, 1890 and 1892. In 1886, for example, the works "Wounded Warrior", the bust "Laughing Italian" and the bronze statuettes "A Pair of Figures of Children Playing Music" were on display. At that time he lived at Baruther Straße No. 5 in Berlin. In 1892 he was represented with the figures of a "Mature Driver" and a "String Jumper". In 1893 he exhibited further objects at the Great Art Exhibition in Berlin.

Marks of foundries that worked for Iffland are occasionally noted on the bronzes, for example by the foundry stamp of the Kraas Foundry (Berlin) or the foundry stamp "Akt. Ges. H.G. u. S" (Hermann Gladenbeck und Sohn, Berlin).

Impressive large-sized bronze sculpture. In this size extremly rare work by this artist.

Height: 96 cm