German Orders and MedalsElectorate of Hesse-Kassel

7 Order of the Golden Lion: Miniature of the Knight's Cross with Swords.

Gold and enamel, without ribbon. Beautifully crafted miniature of the 1818 - 1851 model, in which the order was divided into four classes.

The sword hilts as well as the striding Kurhessian lion of the medallion and the cipher on the reverse finely chiselled. The red enamel of the arms of the cross is domed.

The Order of the Golden Lion was only awarded with swords in a few cases. The Commander's Cross was only awarded once (1850), the Knight's Cross only 14 times in total in the years 1849/1850.

Although it is only a miniature, this piece is of outstanding importance to the history of the Order, as it is, to my knowledge, the only known example of a sword decoration of the Order of the Golden Lion.

Order miniature of outstanding rarity and an absolutely unique rarity among the honours of the Electorate of Hesse - Kassel.