German Orders and MedalsKingdom of Prussia

12 Necklace of the Grand Commandery with accompanying reduced cross of the Order for a young prince of the Prussian royal house.

Neck chain to the Grandkomtur with correct Cross. The Grandkomturcross of the finest jeweler quality. Lower cross arm maker marked "W" for the Berlin courtly goldsmith Wagner & Sons. The reverse yoke to the crown is sealed allowing the neck chain to be fastened correctly. 

The neck chain with gold and enameled features shows light wear/age. Superb craftsmanship features stamped links with separately applied Hohenzollern and the Castlecount of Nuremberg of coat of arms. The cartouche features the scepter of the Arch Chamberlain with silver gilt and enamel features. Some of the devices are missing. 

Comes with attractive original presentation case with vaulted lid. The interior with silk and white satin linings. 

Magnificent specimen of the highest Berlin jeweler quality and overall in superb condition with very minor wear/age.


This particular specimen represents one of the rarest examples of this exclusive Prussian neck chain. Mostly only awarded after the presentation of the Black Eagle Order.

A guaranteed rare historical specimen especially with the original presentation case.