Foreign MilitariaFrance

42 Epee, France

The grip of fire-gilt bronze or ormulu with fluted mother-of-pearl inlays and the coat of arms of the Chevalier de la Luserie applied to it. The pommel in the shape of a knight's helmet with open visor. Crossguard with laurel branches and a Medusa head. Crossguard with lictor's bundles and a broad guard plate with the French royal coat of arms held by dolphins. The underside with a band of laurel branches engraved all round.

The blade is gilded on both sides in the classicist style. The inscription on the obverse: "AU CHEVALIER DE LA LUSERIE / LA VILLE DE DUNKERQUE RECONNAISANTE, LE 6 JUILLEt 1815".

On the back the coat of arms of the recipient of this weapon, Chevalier de la Luserie, in rich gold inlay with neoclassical decorations.

A very beautiful historical sword awarded for services to the city of Dunkirk shortly after the Battle of Waterloo.

A sword of honour of exceptionally fine quality from one of the most interesting periods in French history.

The exact circumstances of the award can certainly be researched with a little time.

Without scabbard, rear grip scales missing. Blade with some corrosion (uncleaned, to be improved).

Length: 98 cm.