German Orders and MedalsKingdom of Wurttemberg

20 Württemberg: Order of the Crown, breast star to the Grand Cross for non-sovereigns with swords.

Very early design by the Stuttgart court jeweller Eduard Foehr, who supplied the order insignia from 1886 - 1915.

Silver, the medallion gold and enamelled. The separately applied, hollow-stamped swords in gold. Riveted on the reverse. On pin.

Manufacturer's mark "EDUARD FOEHR KÖNIGL: HOFJUWELIER STUTTGART" on the reverse.

Chips in the translucent red enamel of the inscription ring, the medallion somewhat dented and the tip of one cross arm broken off.

The Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown of Württemberg was only awarded 87 times in the version for non-sovereigns. Of these, 14 awards (in gold) were made before the First World War and 73 awards (silver - gilded or with swords retrofitted in a gilded version) were made during the First World War; perhaps a few sword decorations in gold were also awarded at the beginning of the war, but the total number is probably less than 30.

Eduard Foehr began production in 1886, so the breast star offered here from his very first production series can only be one of the two awards made in 1886 (the next 14 awards were not made until 1914).

Accordingly, there can only have been two examples of this design. Foehr's world war pieces show considerable differences in production.

One of the rarest Württemberg sword decorations and a marvellous, much worn original example.